Saturday, June 29, 2013

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 11 & 12 Review

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 11 & 12 Review

Ah Yat / Hugo , quite pity Siu Gat , may be twins brother , although character is
different , but there is also similar thing , so Siu Gat always will see Hugo but Ah Yat will
appear infront !!

So , Hugo decide to get yee poh home and he own self take care of him ...
Actually it's quite funny and sweet to see Siu Gat always quarrel with Hugo .

Then Siu Gat , due to no feeling well , so yee poh asked Hugo to visit her and
take care of her .. again Ah Yat appear infront of her . Siu Gat really hardly forget
Ah Yat.

Next come to episode 12 , Hugo think that Ga Ga stole NIght Shadow client watch,
but actually it's not Ga Ga steal it, so she being kidnapped , and Hugo and Eason go
saved her ... this cause Ga Ga fall in love to Hugo ... soon alot funny scene on
Ga Ga with Hugo ..

I quite like Ga Ga ( Mandy Wong ) she really act very well in the series.

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