Tuesday, June 25, 2013

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 9 Review

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 9 Review

Come to this episode, i really laugh until can't stop ...
Ga Ga thinking how to cheer up Siu Gat , cos both stay together,
seeing Siu Gat day time work, nite time go for a ride ... so, she plan with
Hugo and Eason .. telling them Siu Gat birthday ..

It's really funny , Hugo need to be clown , hahahaa... i laugh can't stop ..
the most funny is when Hugo realize , that day is not Siu Gat birthday,
Hugo is just wanna swallow Ga Ga and wanna beat her.... haha.. but it's pretty funny thought .

So , after meal , Siu Gat play master mind with Hugo , opps... Ah Yat suddenly appear
infront of her... pity Siu Gat , still miss Ah Yat alot .

Then , Hugo did play same game with Mr. Fong , due to twin brother ( Ah Yat heart passed on to
Mr. Fong ) so very funny is Mr. Fong will have same thinking with Hugo .

And they both also co-operate with Siu Gat to catch kidnapper of Siew Fei.

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