Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 Episode 10 (Contain Spoiler)

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 Episode 10 (Contain Spoiler)
Screencapture of series , Episode 10

This episode more on abt Kalvin, and he give me a feel of, he is not tat bad that i though earlier..he did have meal with his mum tat at old hse ( where he use to stay when he is young and tat moment, heis no money and his mum need to work as club lady just to survive the family..so, now..he wil give whatever good to her mum.. and its give me feel, a guy like him is not as bad as wat i seen earlier lo..and another thing, he did know abt Sunny being caught by the police due to , last time, whenhe is angry due to he loss the boat race and throw a brick to a cab and he did help him out from being jailed..

And, actually they both is good friends when they was still young and Sunny voice out allthing that happen when they're young and give me a feel of, Kalvin is a person, whohold important on friendship and family, just that, he don't want being bullied again, so he wil do alot of thing , so that ppl feel he is villian and no ppl will do something on him..he do alot is just to protect own self and plus, don't want to get back on the life when he is young.

Another part.. Tim really wan to divorce with Da Mei ( Maggie ) and Da Mei be come like.. no directionon wat she is doing and simply believe on any master , just to get the husband back.. she wil do wat ever thingand due to their mum know, Da Mei and Siao Mei, will being trouble by all their own problem andthe mum just do something behind, might be, its not that they willing to want to come to this end,but no matter how, wat ever the mum did, is for their daughter good lo..
So, the mum sms Da Mei and let Dai Mei rush to airport to know on abt Tim actually have a son and a wife out side tatis pregnant, mean, Tim is almost the dad of 2 children outside.. and Da Mei need to know and need to divorce..and need to awake..
Another side, the mum did send fax to all reporter that Siao Mei announce to be broke , and while Sioa Mei attend a party.. being ask by all reporter and cause Siao Mei, don't knowhow to answer and feel so embrassed..

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