Monday, November 10, 2008

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 Episode 7 ( Contain Spoiler )

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 Episode 7 ( Contain Spoiler )
Screencapture of series, Episode 7

Episode 7, Siao Mei (Aida) suddenly dissappeared and cause Yi Mei(Gigi), Da Mei(Maggie) and Ah Woh(Wong He)so worried and kept on find for her.. so , while searching for her.. Yi Mei met Terence and think ofwan to seek help from him by joining Patrick co, and tat moment, Terence dad is coming toward his room,and i think so, he don't want to meet his dad due to some thing related to business and heask Yi Mei to sleep on the room and pretend as his gf.. haha..this scene is so funny of Gigi and Mosess.

Another part..Da Mei ( Maggies ) also busy on searching for Siao Mei ( Aida ) and meet Kalvin ( Bowie )again.. and being push to pool again..pity Da Mei..why always being cause until all wet and tis timeshe admit the 1st time, she is the 1 to hit him with high heel and never wonder, she hit him again.. haha..Great Da Mei

While Ah Woh searching for Siao Mei and he figure out tat, PAtrick did not died.. he did not jump intothe sea, they both just wan to do something againts the law.. by Patrick to pretend as died or lost..and so tat, they got enough time to transfer all their income and money to taiwan and later Siao Mei willlater go Taiwan to meet up with him... and being figure out by Ah Woh, he is so angry for wat haveSiao Mei done this and being hurting all her family member.. So, by chasing Ah Woh, Patrick will take boat to Taiwan and Siao Mei wil stopped Ah Woh from tellthe truth the family and end up, Ah Woh really did not told... " Ah Woh really love Siao Mei alot "

Another part, pity Yi Mei ( Gigi ) followed Terence ( Moses ) to boat and just to kept onconvince Terence wish so, he can help Patrick.. and pity her, she kept on vomit on boat.. andTerence never think of drop her at any place..due to, he ride the boat is to get away from his dad..~ any way, i do feel they both in the boat, its quite romance lo..haha.. ~

Another side, the mum and dad of Siao Mei is doing alot of thig behind, just to help Siao Mei..and pity the mum.. don't bother for own sickness..and stil wan to help Siao Mei andend up, Siao Mei, cant lie them any more and tell everyone the truth.. and when everyone know the truth.. Da Mei is the most angry and kept on asking back for the dad money..and when back to HK, Siao Mei being ask for interview by ICAC, due to she might being co-operate with the husband on doing something criminal behind.

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