Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 Episode 9 (Contain Spoiler)

Episode 9, Eddie Kwan is on screne.. his name is Eric , when the starting of him, he already fall to Yi Mei ( Gigi )and he sound like, he actually is a rich man tat hid dad is partner with Mr Suen ( Lau Dan ) and tis is still a secret.. stil not shown up to wat happen... so just wait.. but, starting he fall into Yi Mei lo..

So, due to Yi Mei and Terence in boat matter, being announce..of course , the gf wil break up with himand another part is.. conversation in between Terence & Dad.. no matter how.. the dad sure support the sonon wat he have done on bsuiness, but sometimes, the dad also need to give some face to the older generation oldfriends on business lo..

And while Yi Mei is back to hse, knowing Siao Mei lie everyone just for own self..she really angryand scolded her so terrible, but no matter how, tats her sis, so when Siao Mei think to payher dad bac the money, just 20K, but Yi Mei, still give her back, cos know, she should be no money ...

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