Monday, November 10, 2008

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 Episode 6 (Contain Spoiler)

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 (Contain Spoiler)
Screencapture Episode 6 ,

Oh, pity Siao Mei (Aida) when she is in trouble.. all those her Rich Friends, no 1 will willing togive a helping hand..i think so, this is what we called Rich Ppl Life lo.. but luckly..whene ever the sisters treat her how bad earlier or how bad she treat them..when anyoneof them have any problem, sure they wil give a help lo.. although when starting we saw thatDa Mei and Siao Mei, seen not tat close, but this time Da Mei sure help her ..
Another part.. Terence ( Moses ) , last episode, his boat racing, he losse.. and this time..when they're praticing on boat racing, he figure out why, due to Kalvin ( Bowie ) havedone something to his boat is by putting a rubbish bag to the boat machine.. ~ so bad Kalvin ~and the news of tricks bt Kalvin is told by Sunny to Terence, Sunny is the type person of good..he don't like use bad tricks behind to win anything..when Kalvin know its Sunny who told Terence..i wonder will he scold Sunny.. but no wor..still treat him as brother.. and friend.And really don't know why, until now.. Kalvin still love to give lots of trouble toTerence and love to win over Terence in anything ..

Another side, due to Siao Mei have big trouble ( Husband Patrick ) lost in the middle of sea,whole family wil rush to there to help them..and Yi Mei meet Terence again and she don't know that, actually Terence did not promise that will let Patrick Co to joinhis projects ..and Yi Mei feel Terence , a rich man that love to play around with ppl w/okept any promice..
And the Boat Racing again..and its weird that Kalvin win the race.. but actuallyhe again use another way by move the boat by machine and not accordingly to win ..and beingnoticed and consider loss and Terence is the winner lo.. and i never wonder..Kalvin wil just wear a " Mah Yin Tong " and dance in the party for Terence to see..And here he come ... after lost for the game and need to being as crown to show infront of allppl , he really angry and hit a cab by a brick and just pay him and ask him to go and quarrel withSunny and tell Sunny the truth of, he is not really friends with him , just ask him come over to hisside just to beat down Terence.. pity Sunny..

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