Monday, November 10, 2008

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 Episode 8 (Contain Spoiler)

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣 Episode 8 (Contain Spoiler)
Screencapture of series, Episode 8

Come to this episode, wat Ah Woh told Siao Mei earlier..really happen, in the begining, Patrick never think torun away with his wife, he just think of own self and let Siao Mei face all the bad debts and everything in HK..andluckly.. no matter how, the dad and mum wont angry her.. but Da Mei is very angry..and problme is,Yi Mei still in boat..and stil cant get back to HK yet..

Yi Mei, is still in Boat with Terence and luckly Yi Mei is there..cos, Terence fall on sickand Yi Mei is the 1 to take care of him..actually Yi Mei ( Gigi ) she give me a feel of, she is a kindand sweet girl of her role.. and when they reached, alot of of reporter waiting and snap alot ofphotos of them 2 in boat for almost 2 weeks..

And to Terence business being corrupted by his dad..but acually at 1st, he don't know..he just though he is lost for this time, but again Kalvin, come to insult him and tell him the truth,cos him angry his dad.
And ending part, pity Da Mei, being bullied agai by Kalvin again and tis time..due to shejust meet up with Ah Tim and Tim voice out to divorce with her and she cry to sadly infront of Yi Mei

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