Tuesday, July 2, 2013

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 14 Review

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 14 Review

So , come to this episode, Hugo and Eason also know Siu Gat sad childhood,
so they both together with Ga Ga think to changed Siu Gat start from life style.

So Siu Gat wonder why, once she know Ga Ga story them * Hugo and Eason * her
passed away mum story, she get angry..

So they worried, run out to find her... at the end Hugo found her.. this scene
really funny, Hugo always give Siu Gat a feel of , don't know need to be
angry or funny.. haaha

So , actually Siu Gat still can't let go of Ah Yat passed away , esp once she
say she smile cloud .. she can't hold her tear.

So at the end, she try to change , once appear infront of Hugo and Eason, both
really got surprise for her changed.

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