Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Triumph in the Skies II - 衝上雲霄II ~ Episode 1

Triumph in the Skies II - 衝上雲霄II ~ Episode 1

Wow.. starting , episode 1 is just so interesting ,
Kenneth Ma ~ Roy
Ron Ng ~ Issac Tong ,
both meet at air port before depart and , it's say that Roy back from Taiwan
and first day of work in this air line .. whole team trying to make a fool at him
by frightened him that Captain Cool Mor ~ Chilam .. haha..

It's pretty fun and cute on he found out , it's just a joke for his first flight to Europe,
any way he do make jokes on them for get mad and suddenly paste cake cream
on Issac face.. he dare not try on Cool Mor ~ Jayden face.. hahaha..

Next , appear will be Fala ~ Holiday , she is daughter of Michelle Yim and
Sam Tong ~ Francis Ng is staying with Michelle Yim at England.

Wow.. i really love all scenery, so beautiful :)

Funny scene of Jayden and Holiday first met , Jayden say , i sure got a chance to hug u ( Fala )
hehe.. cute :)

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