Monday, July 22, 2013

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 29 Review

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 29 Review

Opps.. Hugo really being tricks by Mrs. Fong, think Power is the 1
who killed Ah Yat .

In another side Hugo and Ga Ga help Eason and , it so sweet to see
at last , Eason can be with Ah Yan ,but too bad , just started
and Eason got accident while saved her sis , Mrs Fong by almost
killed by Oppa, cos actually the fake letter and video camera in Mrs Fong office,
being taken by Oppa and he used to have a deal with Mrs Fong .. at the end, Oppa die.

Luckly before he die, he do tell Tomato C ,where he saved the video
of Mrs Fong conversation with Martin on killed Ah Yat and all others
bad deeds.

So , here only Hugo know, he think wrongly on Power .. so
now he and Siu Gat think how to influence Mrs. FOng own self
tell out she is the 1 who did all those bad ..

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