Monday, July 22, 2013

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 30 Review END

好心作怪 A Change of Heart Episode 30 Review END

A last , come to the end , so Mrs. Fong story out all she had done and
actually she tot Ah Yat come to back .. and it's Hugo  , not Ah Yat,
so while on the way to police station , they met an accident and Mrs. Fong got lost.

So , Hugo again propose to Siu Gat , but Siu Gat think to leave for vacation and
it's so sweet that Hugo will wait for her no matter how long..

So , after a year , Siu Gat is back and Hugo propose , but while happy things on
them and suddenly Mrs. FOng is back .. oh .. she back with plastic surgery and
her look is exactly same as Siu Gat .. kidnapped Siu Gat and arrange a treasure hunt to
saved Siu Gat but .. actually she plan to let them see each others die ...

Luckly Power manage to get Mrs. FOng and at last Siu Gat being saved and
Mrs. FOng still love Power and while she saved her.. and he got injured and at the end Mrs. Fong die.

So , the ending , appear another Mrs. FOng with a good hearted lady .. appear infront of Power.
Siu Gat of course recover and married to Hugo .

Happy ending :)

I really like this series ... like all cast and interest story plot :)

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