Monday, July 1, 2013

衝上雲霄 II Triumph In The Skies II photos shotting

Captain Samuel Tong ~ Francis Ng, wow.. i really ever seen such a
handsome and yeng Captain , hahaha.. am sure all girls got fainted to
shot this series with him ..although after 10 years, he still look yeng and handsome.

Chilam ~ join in for part II of Triumph , he is really yeng , beside Francis Ng,
he is another i missed so much to watch him again from TVB series.

Pilot Roy ~ Kenneth Ma, after 10 years, his shotting improve alot and he is getting
yeng and handsome. Really can't wait to watch him as a pilot beside of
doctor ( Yat Gin Tao ) hehehe

衝上雲霄 II  Triumph In The Skies II photos shotting

All their pic is cute and funny thought and just make me can't wait for the series to be
aired :)

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