Friday, February 6, 2009

Coffee Confidential - 品味咖啡

Coffee Confidential - 品味咖啡

I m so happy for there is an show abt Coffee,cos, i m coffee fever...and after watch few episodeof Mo's Cafe, wow..really let me know more abt different different coffee... Great
And come to my mind to drop it down on every episode ofMo's Cafe lo..

Every Episode of Coffee Confidential, there is a quote on abt Coffee, quite interesting.

" Black As Devil, Hot As Hell,
Pure As An Angel, Swet As love "
by ' Talleyrand

Episode 1

Moses introdue abt Kopi Luwak, Kopi tis word is fromMalay, may be in english we can address as Coffee Luwak,Luwak is also a pronouncation from malay, and Moses1st destination is to Indonesia to know more abtKopi Luwak, and the preparing of Kopi Luwak,accordingly to Moses, they mix the sugar , kopi Luwak andhot water together and mix and then serve.. the 1 black blackcolour of drinks that Moses holding is Coffee Luwak,
Next, he did try the coffee of 3 In 1, mean mix all 3 thing( sugar , coffee and creamer ) in a small pack and then serverwith hot water, so, whenever u go, just bring the small packand get a cup and hot water, and u can serve or have Kopi Luwak,anytime.
Ending part of Mo's Cafe, is the most exciting, Moses willmake some coffee by his own, tis episode he serve us" Irish Coffee " wow.. how good , if i can try the coffeethat he made... and when he serve coffee, look handsome lo..hehe..

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