Friday, February 6, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler)Episode 47

Screencaptures of Episode 47 Review

But happy moment just so short, next morning, Kalvin and Sylvia, alsoknow the news on Mr Soong's business having critical moment onthe projects earlier, they fight for ( Kalvin winned Terrence )now wat i can say is, luckly Terence did not win on the business..if not, he is the 1 to suffer now, and now Kalvin suffer, coswhen problems come, sure Mr Soong, wont bother him...
Next, Constance dad having problem on financial due to,his share sure give him lots of problem. but Mr Soong's brotherwont give him any helps.
Next Jessica know abt his staff have some flirt with Terrence, andin order her family will go into sad moment, so she stopped thegirl to disturb Terrence any more and tis beingnotice by Sylvia, while Sylvia search for Jessica is wish so,Jessica can give a help on kalvin, But Sylvia wanna told Constance abtTerence affair out there and Jessica stopped her by asaying if, she told Constance , she wil stop helping Kalvin..God, the sisters come to this stage..
Sylvia, really love Kalvin alot, she even search for Catherine for helpon Kalvin,cos she know Catherine love Kalvin.. and due to tis,Catherine notice Kalvin also love Sylvia lot.. but, sheis already doing something just to get this man Kalvin to her side..( so selfish lo )
Next, Jessica & Constance don't wish to see Terrence and Martin,the father and son relationship so bad, so they have a family meal..just to re-build their relationship ..

Another side, tis so stupid when i watch, Catherine agreed to help Kalvinby the rules on, she wan Sylvia to married another man , so that Kalvinheart will have no Sylvia and wil think of her... ( God, how stupid tis Catherine and so sad of Sylvia, just to helpKalvin company, and she need to married someone that who wont love herand even CANT )haiz....

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