Friday, February 6, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler) Episode 49

Screencapture Episode 49 Review

Another side, the Mum know abt his husband , did do something againts law behind,is doing fake jewelleries..and un-luckly, being wore by Mr Soong's 3rd wife in a party and the actual designer of the jewelleries is there to see, a fake ofher own products, sure she wil voice out, and at the end, its arrange by terrence, cos, Terrence wan to do something to Mr Soong, the mum know and Terrence didgive a help on Constance dad's jewellery shops ..

Another side, Sylvia will soon married with Sunny, the dad is happy ,but the mum feel weird and funny, cos she know the daughter well.. but nothing they can do, cos Sylvia wont tell anything to them.
Another side, is the funny part, Will always think of, to bethe great staff for Mellisa, he need to do soemthing tat he might don'twish , but the real is out, Mellisa is not that type of lady..and cause abig laughter.. make Will feel so embrassed..

At the end, Sylvia really married to Sunny and Kalvin really acceptedCatherine relationship , haiz.. what a pity arrangement.

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