Monday, February 23, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler)Episode 51

Screencapture of Episode 51 Review

Come to this episode, Sung Sai Mun have this day, as i guess earlier, the 3rd wife's pregnant might not Sung's baby, and tis true, 3rd wif ef really have an affairand being caught by Sung and end up, he got stroke and cause part of his body, cant really move smooth andElise sure wont let 3rd wife go and did slap her andeven saw who is the guy of Sung 2rd wife affair.
Next, Will ( Bosco ) still trying to seek more trust from Mellisa and did done alot behind just to gain her trust.
Come to Sylvia & Sunny ( Maggie and Kenny ) and Kalvin (Bowie )and Catherine after Sylvia and Sunny married, next is to help Catherine to married with Kalvin .
So, after MArtin win for the business, all Sung's business is passed toTerrence to handle and temporary up to now, it seen this 2 pairslife sweetly and happyly , Jessica and MArtin + Terrence and Constance
By seeing grand=pa come to this stage, Elise very angry still evencause trouble to Jessica and Terrence stil help her... no matter, Terrence took her as his younger sis. but Elise, angry Terrence , no matter is his dadcause her GRand-pa come to this stage.
And then, to Sylvia , Catherine purposely arrange the moment for Sylvia and Kalvinjst to test , did they both stil got any feelings on each matter Sylvia very clear, she cant and she even very clear know she canthave any feel to Kalvin, end up, Kalvin actually sad, and that nitedid slept with Catherine, but it seen like Catherine very dissapointed to Kalvin action.
And the next morning, suddenly Catherine wil voice out that don'twish to married Kalvin tat soon and cause Sylvia and Sunny so worried..cos, scare Catherine wont help Kalvin to gain back his career.

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