Friday, February 6, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler)Episode 50

Screencapture of Episode 50 Review

Next, again Martin, due to scare of Mr Soong, tis time, he even will losthis son Terence co, and he don't care, due to scare of Mr Soong andhe even betrayed Mellisa and he wont care of his sons feeling..cause everyone scold him.. but he don't care... he is doing something behind, i guess so..
And at the end, the reality is out, Martin really planned formany yrs, just for tis day to come is to beat down Mr Soong,he arranged 4th Wife at his side, and everytime also listen to him and sound like scare of him, but Martin, isdoing alot behind , just to bet him down , and Mr Soong, nowgot no more turning up again.. he loss everything.
And tis cause, the son Terrence, Wife Jessica and best friendsMellisa, feel so scare of this man Martin, cos they time, Martin is more scary then Mr Soong in business.

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