Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler) Episode 41

Screencapture of Episode 41 Review

At last.. Terrence ( Moses ) and Constance ( Gigi ) married..and they havetheir sweet and romance honey moon in Italy , Paris and Rome... but, to bad..half way, Terrence need fly to another country for business purposes..and Terrence met his Ex at there, wonder, will they have any affairs,luckly, did not..

Next Elise, sure angry of Terrence married with Constance and whilemet her in saloon, again say alot of words to make Constance feel embrassed,luckly Jessica ( Aida ) is there to fight back.. no matter, howthey both is sisters, and now, the reality is own sis had married toown husband son, so coming up, what she need to do, is to build thefamily members everyone happy and no quarrel in between lo..So, cos of to make the family happy, Terrence and Jessica did havea promise to each other, wont quarrel infront of the Martin and Constance.

Next Ah Fatt ( Eddie Kwan ), is out from jail and accidently beingmet by Constance dad, and he did invite him to his jewellery shopopening ceremony, and on the ceremony, he did saw Constance, buthe did not walk toward to her, due to, seeing her smile sweetly andhappyly to Terrence...
Wow..i like Terrence hse, its so nice.. and wonder..Terrence will have another affair after married... Hope so, not lo...

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