Monday, February 23, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣ISpoiler) Episode 54

Screencapture of Episode 54 Review

So, while Jessica, Constance and sylvia, having meal, and they happen to meet Elise, and sound like Elise wannaappolozige to Jessica, and pretend to be pity and being seen byTerrence and sure Terrence believe that Elise really changed to Good.But i wonder, is it true.,..
To will, due to wanna get Mellisa approval to join business wifKalvin, he did have medical check up ,and being notice by Mellisaand actually Will do so, is hope so Mellisa wil feel touched and wilagreed on wat ever his idea on co-operate wif Kalvin.
Scary matter happen on Elise, someone did come over to her and Woh,and tis guy pour acid to Elise, luckly being safe by woh,. but Woh did have minor injured on his leg.
And after tis matter happen, everyone think is Jessica is the 1to arrange tis, but i don't think so, is her.
And Jessica did have a both party agreed that Jessica wantTerrence stop helping Elise on wat every, but Terrence don't agreed.and come to tis stage, Jessica voice out on he have and affair wif Sharon earlier..and if he don't agreed tis, she wil pass the photos of he and Sharon to Constance..and Terrence have no choice and need to agreed.
And to this day, everyone at Mum and dad hse for meal.. and wat happensuddenly come in and enevelope and in side, is the photos of Terrence aand Sharon and Contstance so sad to see this and seek answer from terrecneand Terrence have no way to explain and accidently voice out that , is Jessica post to her.Due to Terrence treat Constance tis , the dad don't acept the money from Terrence tohelp his jewellery shop.
Pity Constance , again need to face the break of marriage again.and by scolding Jessica and here, she notice even Sylvia also know tis, sad of her, feel that , how coem her 2 sis wont let her know,tat her husband is this type of person.
And come to ending, at last, wat i guess is true, Elise, wont that easybe come good, she just pretend, cos when at lokap, the lady did coem out some word, make her feel that, she need to do something to Ho's family for wat've they done to her grand-pa.. she now wan to pay them back all these.
so, actually she purposely told the police , its sound liek Jessica is the 1 whoarrange for the guy to pour her acid, actually the guy is Sung's 3rd bf.

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