Friday, February 6, 2009

Coffee Confidential - 品味咖啡

Episode 2

Every Episode, there is a quote on abt Coffee

" Ah, How Sweet Coffee Tatses !
Lovelier than a thousand Kisses
Sweeter far than Muscatel Wine "
by ' J.S. Bach's Coffee Cantata 1732

This episode, 1st destination, he went to Denmark, to attenda coffee Competition, " 9th Annual World Barista Championship "and he did interview with few of the winners, from China , nameHua Wei.

Next he visit to Martin's cafe to taste his popular coffee' Cafe Brule " nice, i wonder when i can have the chanceto travel so far, just to taste the coffee.

Next destination, he visited to World Smallets coffee shop andits really so small, but the decoration of the coffee shop is nice.,.and Caroline is the boss there to serve him.

Next he went to Italy, and he happen to visit a place where,collection of coffee cup, and there some , Moses didhave it too, cos Moses also have a habit on collection of Coffee Cup.

And he visit to the next coffee hse, to taste some different coffee...
Last, he went to another place, where, coffee beside just to drinks andto create different types of taste of coffe, he did try the coffee flavour of steaks and others meal.

And ending, tis episode, Moses again do some coffee for own self..i love his coffe set, can make coffee and also can fried egg , just 1 set of thing to prepare for ur breakfast..a brand new day , is very important on the breakfast,when u have a very full and great breakfast, then following..u have lots of energy to carried on work.

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