Friday, February 6, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler) Episode 46

Screencapture of Episode 46 Review

It is happy that, at last Fatt did not hurt Mr Suen and even saved him..and Mr Suen did not report to police is Fatt who kidnapped him..and i think so, Fatt will soon have his new life over again. But pity Constance dad, being trapped into gamble world by Soong's Brother..think so, his jewelleries shop soon gain big problme due not enoughincome for the shop.

Next, due to earlier quarrel in between 3 sisters on abtJessica hide Constance and also Sylvia scold Constance for Terence hit Kalvin, everything is clear now.. and theywish so, next time, wont quarrel again due to their love's 1..but i think so, hardly ..

Another side, Elise changed, she try to learn more on business, might think of helping grand-pa ( Phillip Soong )and so close with Grand-pa 4th wife, and againts 3rd wife,but Mr Soong is so happy with 3rd wife got pregant,i wonder is it the baby is Mr Soong .....
End of tis episode, sound great, cos feel likeSylvia will be together with Kalvin again.. great.

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