Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler)Episode 42

Har.. tis episode, starting, i feel so come when, Terrence back for a surprise to Constance..and she kept on kisses him.. for non stop.. Terrence kept on talk abt busines to her..and she just listenand kisses him non stop.. ( funny and weird )

Another side, due to business... in between Terrence and Kalvin ( Bowie Lam )Sylvia ( Maggie ) always side Kalvin, and feel un happy with howTerrence handle business due to win... wil complain to mum and dad...any way, i feel so, Sylvia, still love Kalvin..although they seperate..

Another side, Catherine really love Kalvin alot, so she sure wil helpKalvin 'co, but Terrence wil advise Catherine brother not.. andif the brother wont allowed, Catherine also cant do, no choice, Kalvin need to find Phillip Song Sai Mun ...and when come to tis stage, sure Martin wil stopped Terrence to fight with Kalvin, cos Philip did step in to helpKalvin and sure cause quarrel in between Martin and Terrence again.

And don't know, who is the 1 go and hit Kalvin from back..and cause Sylvia 1st coem her mind to do that is, she scold Constance and pity Constance , don't know anythingand get scolding ..

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