Monday, February 23, 2009

Gem Of Life ~ 珠光寶氣(Spoiler) Episode 53

Screencapture of Episode 53 Review

At last, Catherine married to Kalvin and Kalvin handle all the business...and Catherine, just being Kalvin good wife lo, have their sweet and loving marriage life
Another side, suppose Terrence again wanna fight with Kalvin for a business, and at last Kalvin who win, but too bad..its a bad business .. cause Kalvin into another problem again.Luckly Terrence did not fight hard for it.
Due to Jessica pregant, so everyone care of her eps,Sylvia, she really care for her and i think so, seldom seeSylvia so care Jessica, cos normally Sylvia, don't agreed onJessica thinking on some matter.. but, come to tis stage..she is different, may b due to she lost her baby, so sheput all her cares to Jessica coming baby.
Elise again cause trouble and tis time no 1 helpsand need to temporary sended to lokap, and in lokaphappen something cause she into frightened.. .Luckly Terrence still there to help her.
Another side, due to Will wanna co-operate wif Kalvinon business , but Mellisa don't willing to helps Kalvinand cause Will have some argument to Mellisa.

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